Company Profile

Name : Matsumura Kogei Co., Ltd.
Foundation : 1928
Establishment : July 1966
President : Keizo Matsumura
e-mail : English) (for Japanese)

Head office / Branch / Office

  • Head office

    Head office

    3-2-23 Chodo, Higashiosaka City Osaka
    577-0056 Japan


    map of the Head office

  • Tokyo Branch

    Tokyo Branch

    Maruishi Daini Building 1-9-16 Kaji-cho,
    Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 101-0044 Japan


    map of the Tokyo Branch

  • Annasakka Osaka Store

    Annasakka Osaka Store

    2-19 Tsuruno-cho, Kita-ku 0sakaCity
    0saka 530-0014 Japan


    map of the Annasakka Osaka Store

  • Annasakka Tokyo Store

    Annasakka Tokyo Store

    Maruishi Daini Building 1-9-16 Kaji-cho,
    Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 101-0044 Japan


    map of the Annasakka Tokyo Store

  • Ota Store

    Ota Store

    2-2-1 Tokai, 0ta-ku Tokyo
    143-0001 Japan

    map of the Ota Store

  • Kasai Store

    Kasai Store

    3-4-1 Rinkai-cho, Edogawa-ku Tokyo
    134-0086 Japan

    map of the Kasai Store

  • Hiroshima Store

    Hiroshima Store

    1-4-9 Kusatsukou,
    Nishi-ku Hiroshima City
    Hiroshima 733-0832 Japan

    map of the Hiroshima Store

  • Nagoya office

    Nagoya office

    1-402 kamiyashiro, Meito-ku Nagoya City
    Aichi 465-0025 Japan

    map of the Nagoya office

  • Sendai office

    Sendai office

    2-17-3-201 izumi-chuo, lzumi-ku Sendai
    City Miyagi 981-3133 Japan

    map of the Sendai office

  • Distribution center

    Distribution center

    50 Oniya Kaibara-cho, Tanba City Hyogo
    669-3315 Japan

    map of the Distribution center

Company Chronicles

1928Open business under the name of “Matsumura Kogeisho” at Tennnoj-ku Osaka
1943Forced to close because of the World War ll
1947Reopen. Sell florist supplies such as flower baskets, planter cover to florists nationwide
1955Introduce a floral foam “Oasis” to Japan later became the sole sales representative of Smithers-Oasis Co., and contributed to the spread of Westem style floral design in Japan
1959Open Ueno Factory
1961Open Tokyo Branch
1965Become first Japanese associate member of F.T.D.
1966Restructured company to “Matsumura Kogei Co., Ltd.” Mikio Matsumura takes office as president.
lmport German crepepaper andproduce “paper flower boom” which expands our market to the hobby craft industry
1970Construct new head office Building. Open osaka Kita Branch
1973Open Distribution Center in Higashiosaka City
1984Masami Matsumura takes office as president
1985Construct new osaka Kita Branch Building
Put on sale an unique and original “Anderusen Craft”
1988Open Ryogoku Store
1989Construct new Tokyo Branch Building
1990Open Hyogo Warehouse, Open Ota store
1991omplete “Aquafoam” production line in Hyogo warehouse site and put on sales
1993Establish Matsumura Aqua Co., Ltd.
1994Enlarge osaka Kita Branch and open under the name of “Annasakka”
Open Tsurumi Branch
1995Move Ryogoku store to open Kasai Store
1997Open “Annasakka Tokyo” at Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Construct new warehouse at Sannan-cho, Hyogo
2001Expand use of Aquafoam into agriculture, such as compost for cultivating rice and blueberry
2004Open office at Hiroshima and Nagoya
2005Keiko Matsumura takes office as president
2007Unite two distribution center at Higashiosaka and Sannan-cho to set up an efficient new center at Tamba City
Open Sendai office
2008Open HigashiKanto Store
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